25th October 2021

NEW STAFF MEMBER:  Dr Nicolas Bompard

Today we welcomed Dr Nicolas Bompard to the laboratory as a new Laboratory technician. Nicolas has many years’ experience in research having previously worked at the University of Southampton in the geochemistry group of the School of Ocean and Earth Science as PhD Student and Laboratory technician, and in industry at Geotek as Geoscientist, operating a range of instruments for geological cores analysis onshore and offshore.

Initially, Nicolas is supporting our graphitisation programme and will be moving on to support a range of aspects of our analytical and development programme.

14th September 2021

NEW PAPER: Review of the radiocarbon dating method, co-authored by ERL staff, describing the latest techniques and applications

6th SEPTEMBER 2021

NEW PAPER: Employing our molecular sieve CO2 sampling techniques to understand CO2 production from the weathering of rocks


NEW PAPER: Mini-kit 14CO2 sampling equipment

New portable CO2 field sampling kit developed to enable scientists to carbon date emissions from terrestrial and aquatic environments. 

24th MAY 2021

FUNDING NEWS: Biochar Demonstrator Addressing Key Deployment Barriers for Carbon Sequestration (BB/V011596/1). PI: Colin Snape, University of Nottingham.  Funder: UKRI-BBSRC, Total Award: £4.5 Million

Philippa Ascough is a Co-I on one of five interdisciplinary projects awarded in the UK government’s £31.5 million Strategic Priorities Fund. Each project investigates the viability of innovative methods of greenhouse gas removal from the atmosphere. In our case we are examining ‘biochar’ as a nation-wide carbon sequestration tool, by combining chemical, physical, and engineering sciences with social, economic, and policy sciences. The aim is to help the UK reach its legislated net-zero target by 2050, and results will be used to shape longer-term government decision-making on effective technologies to tackle climate change and reduce CO2 emissions.  

11th November 2020

Organic matter biogeochemistry of tropical rainforest rivers.  

Supervisors: Ryan Pereira, Geoff Parkin, Mark Garnett

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